32 Ingram Road, Rukuhia


32 Ingram Road was a design-build project undertaken for Merv and Lorraine Owsley, over a 10-month period in 2022.

Within the site, Fosters built nearly 3000m² of warehouse space, a large (600m²) canopy area and a high-spec 350 m² office building. Concreting around the entire 7000m² site provides easy vehicle access.


About the project

Challenges included designing a building with appeal to multiple business types - because no tenant was secured at the start of the project. Also, being outside of the city boundary, civil design needed to accommodate domestic water tanks, high-capacity stormwater detention and a site-specific septic tank system.

Special features included an 8.3m stud in the logistics warehouse and working with full height precast panels. There was a high-level specification for the office area, while the yard was concreted right out to the perimeter of the site.

Completion date






Client testimonial

Impressed with Foster Group’s seamless execution of their earlier warehouse extension project in Te Rapa, Merv and Lorraine Owsley knew who to call after scoping a new investment property near Hamilton airport.

“Fosters was one of three building companies to tender for our Te Rapa project and their presentation was second to none,” Merv said.

“We were impressed from the word go; they were an exceptional company to work with. So, when we decided to build a new warehouse at Rukuhia, we didn’t even go out to tender.

“We started with an empty site, gave Fosters our ideas and engaged them to do a total design and build, with our input.”


Merv and Lorraine are delighted with their new development and particularly appreciated Fosters’ collaborative approach and extensive network of industry contacts, engaged to ensure the project’s design was examined from every angle.

“At times there would have been up to 10 people providing input in the meeting room, all giving their expertise and advice,” Merv said.

“You’ve got to go to the right people to get the right information, and Fosters did that very, very well.”

The warehouse, finished in November 2022, was completed on budget and ahead of time, allowing the couple’s first tenant to move in a month earlier than planned.

Merv believes honesty is one of the Foster Group’s key strengths.


“Fosters are a reputable company. They do what they say they will, give good advice and when they need expertise, they’re not afraid to go out and get it,”

Merv and Lorraine Owsley

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