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Targeting business growth, Pro Mechanical engaged Fosters Develop team to deliver a purpose-built COF workshop in a strategic location. With the aim of providing capacity to meet targeted demand in the short term, the project also needed to accommodate future expansion.

As it turned out, that expansion occurred during the build.

The 10-month build expanded to 13 months with the addition of a second stage. Considerable work went into the design and construction of three highly specialised COF inspection pits, each 28m long.


About the project

Project challenges included:

  1. Striking a balance between the needs of Pro Mechanical over the medium term, while being mindful of future requirements.
  2. Design and procurement stage 2 during construction of stage 1 – the main COF workshop.
  3. Integrating a highly specialised fitout into the base build construction programme

Pro Mechanical opened their new HQ on Earthmover Crescent in September 2022. Built as a joint venture with Foster Develop, the project was a collaboration in vision and design, resulting in a 2,150m² purpose-built workspace including 400m² of office and storage, plus 3,500m² yard space.

Pro Mechanical are a Waikato success story. Started by Director Wayne Crouch in a mobile van, the business quickly established a solid reputation for quality in mechanical repairs and services and growth has been steady. Continuing to attract large trucking firms, the business needed premises that would enable them to deliver on service and continue to expand.

Business Advisor Mark Nogaj was closely involved in the Pro Mechanical project, noting that the Foster Group was an obvious choice.

Completion date






Client testimonial

“Fosters have a fabulous reputation” Mark explains. “Once we met to discuss the project, Wayne could see how well they understood his vision and that sealed the deal.
“And with sustainability becoming increasingly important to Pro Mechanical clients, Fosters’ commitment to sustainable building practices only increased our desire to work with them.”

Mark adds that the design and build process turned out even better than they expected.
“Pulling together Wayne’s mechanical experience and Fosters’ insight into the industry, the design process was very straightforward.

“In fact, Wayne suddenly wanted to add a considerable (400m²) extension. The Foster teams simply adjusted, nothing was a problem and communication was excellent.

“A big project like this can be daunting for business owners. With Fosters, there was zero stress and zero problems; they add a superb level of professionalism. This project was managed brilliantly in all regards – enabling us to happily concentrate on our core business.”


“With Fosters, there was zero stress and zero problems; they add a superb level of professionalism.”

Mark Nogaj, Business Advisor

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