Carbon Footprint

Measuring the carbon footprint of your project – how and why

As a property developer, you’re responsible for the carbon emissions of your building.


  • Everything that goes into a building generates carbon;
  • And everything done in the finished building (ie daily business operations) will generate carbon too.

It’s important to measure the carbon footprint of a project because it will help to offset all the emissions associated with your building, reducing the percentage associated with the national greenhouse gas emissions of the construction industry.

Using the NZGBC Green Star calculator, we can assist in measuring the carbon footprint of your project

Developed by Thinkstep and NZGBC, the GreenStar Embodied Carbon Calculator is the most accurate way of understanding, calculating, measuring and managing upfront and whole-of-life embodied carbon.

  • We help you to calculate what the building emissions will be.

  • We can refer you to the experts who will help you to offset those emissions.

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