Leadership + pathways

Leadership and training opportunities

At Fosters, we wholeheartedly support the advancement of our people to reach their full potential; leadership and skills being key foundations for great communities.

Personal development is not just offered, it’s encouraged. And we put a lot of emphasis on developing career pathways for our staff.

Leadership Training

For the last few years, Fosters has been working with Wintec Te Pukenga to create leadership training programmes – we now have a junior, intermediate and senior training programme. Each year, we earmark leaders from across the Fosters business and invite them to join a leadership training programme relevant to their career progression.

Foster leadership graduates have a clear career pathway within Fosters, otherwise they are bound to add significant value wherever they work in future – as well-rounded business and community leaders.


Future Leaders Programme

For those we think have the ability to lead in the future but have little leadership experience.

"This was an opportunity for growth and development in a number of areas, including communication, self-confidence, and emotional intelligence. Interacting with people from other parts of the business and seeing their progress was also great." Mitch Sun, Accountant


Intermediate Leadership Programme

For managers who have had no formal leadership training. Often the case, when going from a 'the tools' to team leader or site manager.

"I gained a better understanding of my own psychology and the importance of emotional intelligence. And from this, how I can better influence success in the workplace." Mike Downs, QS


Senior Leadership Programme

For someone already in a leadership position who could lead at the highest level in the future.

“I look forward to the challenge this course presents in understanding my leadership qualities, what leader I would like to be and then making a shift in my approach to have a position impact where I can.” Jake McDell, Commercial Manager (BOP)

Personal Development Training

Fosters offers personal development opportunities including time management, professional writing skills and personal financial management.


Fosters is currently training 30+ apprentices, continuing a tradition that’s been in place for the last 50 years.

Health and Safety Training

Fosters provides first aid, hazard, and risk management, and working at heights training to our team.

Compliance Training

Sponsorship of employees through cadetships and further education on an individual basis.

Te Awa Koiora

Fosters provides access to a Te Awa Koiora programme through Wintec to staff. The programme is designed to provide students with an enhanced understanding of Māori world views and tikanga (Māori customary practices).

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