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Design and build projects are easier for construction companies to manage efficiently – there’s one entity, one contract and one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion.

It means we can collaborate on outcomes, add value with experience, manage costs and negate risks by managing the entire project process.

The benefits of design and build projects are multiple:

  • Collaborative project environment

    By determining our clients deliverables, we define the project requirements and test the design – both technically and practically. Working in a collaborative team environment, innovative ideas are generated and we work together for the best outcome.

  • Single point of responsibility

    We take responsibility for the design and construction quality, cost and programme. We also take care of all aspects of the consenting process, so you don’t have to navigate these often complex processes.

  • Focus on buildable design

    Our specialist Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) team contribute specialist knowledge of construction methods and materials during the design stage, working with the architects and engineers to maximise design and functionality, de-risking the project and keeping a close eye on cost, timeframes, health & safety and environmental management.

  • Early cost certainty

    We negotiate with our network of trusted subcontractors and suppliers to establish costs in the design phase, giving you all the pricing information needed to make informed decisions.

    Decisions made during the early stages of design will have the greatest influence on project time and costs. Our experience and proven processes will ensure costs savings are achieved.

  • Earlier commencement on site

    Being in control of the project from the outset enables us to procure high risk materials and labour by staging the design process. This approach allows us to commence works much earlier.

  • Improved risk management

    Being responsible for developing drawings and specifications as well as building the project, we aim to eliminate costly variations for errors and omissions.

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