Our owners work in the business.

Anyone with a shareholding in the Foster Group must work in the business. We have 11 employees with company shareholdings among our different business units.

What this means:

  • We work as a team through every aspect of this business – from high-level decision making to everyday operational decisions.
  • Fosters clients have a direct connection with the Group’s owners.
  • We have a personal commitment to making every Fosters project a success.
  • Within Fosters, decisions are made locally, quickly, and with a lens on long term relationships.
  • Our company profits are invested and spent locally.

15% of Fosters is owned by the Foster Group Trust.

This means that 15% of our profit is invested back into the community. A large portion of this money is given to the Foster 500, an initiative that empowers our staff to contribute to the direct community they are a part of.

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