If you want to build sustainably, the choice is easy.

Fosters are the only commercial construction company in New Zealand to hold both top Toitū sustainability certifications.

We want to operate in a way that meets the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

emission reduction by 2030
green star buildings
reduce waste by seventy percent
expertise in sustainable building practices
offsetting one hundred percent of emissions
carbon footprint
construction waste

Changing the Industry

The construction industry produces 40 – 50% of NZ’s landfill waste. According to Thinkstep, it is one of the primary contributors to climate change in NZ, creating 20% of national greenhouse gas emissions.

Just because this is ‘industry standard’ does not mean it is necessary. We have implemented processes and initiatives, offering a cleaner, more transparent, low-emision build.

Our Sustainability Certifications

Sustainability isn’t a static process; we must constantly innovate and strive for better.

Our certificates demonstrate our commitment to the environment – we have analysed our environmental impact, set objectives to improve our footprint, and set up an environmental management system to help us achieve our goals.

Key People

Jael Clausen
Sustainability & Compliance Advisor

022 046 2800