Operating and building sustainably is important to us.

We operate sustainably to offer you a cleaner, more transparent, low-emission build; our purpose is to help change the construction industry.

We can also assist you in measuring the carbon footprint of your build.

Acutely aware that the construction industry produces 40 – 50% of NZ’s landfill waste and (according to Thinkstep) is one of the primary contributors to climate change in NZ, accounting for as much as 20% of New Zealand’s emissions, it’s our belief that just because this is ‘industry standard’ does not mean it is acceptable.

We must constantly innovate and strive to do better.

We are proud to be the only commercial construction company in New Zealand to hold both top Toitū sustainability certifications.


Toitū enviromark diamond

Toitū enviromark diamond certification demonstrates we have systems in place to reduce the environmental impact of our business and the buildings we construct.

To achieve this certification, we have developed, implemented, and maintained a robust Environmental Management System, which is audited annually to ensure it meets and exceeds the components of an ISO 4001 system. This demonstrates continual improvement and compliance with applicable regulations and international standards.

Toitū Carbon Zero

Toitū  carbon zero certification demonstrates we are positively contributing to our environment by measuring, reducing, and offsetting our carbon footprint.

An independent audit undertaken annually reviews our greenhouse gas emissions under the international standard for carbon footprints, ISO 14064-1. To maintain our certification, we develop plans to continually manage and reduce our emissions.

NZGBC_2023-24 Member

Green Star and Homestar

Fosters have been an NZGBC member since 2011 and have accredited professionals to assist in the construction of Green Star and Homestar certified buildings.

Green Star buildings are designed to be healthier, comfortable, supporting greater productivity with improved levels of personal control natural light and cleaner air.

Homestar assesses the health, efficiency, and sustainability of homes across New Zealand. Fosters offers commercial construction, however, projects such as retirement villages can be designed to meet Homestar certification.

Maintaining our Toitū and NZGBC certifications means constant innovation and improvement in our operations to create healthy, sustainable places. It is a commitment to the community we operate in, demonstrating environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

As a result, our clients can be confident that we will do everything possible to mitigate any environmental impact during the construction process and to mitigate the carbon emissions of our business operations.

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