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Janine Tait Group specialise in skincare. Their new distribution facility in the heart of Tauranga features a high-end architectural-grade kitchen and office.

Feature finishes included a custom-mitred stone island unit, wallpapering and custom sand-blasted pre-cast wall panels at the back of the building.

Fosters were introduced to the project under an ECI agreement, at the end of preliminary design. Immediately determining that the project was well over budget, with significant changes required to meet JT Group expectations, our team worked with the client to determine operational requirements and key design principles.

Difficult market conditions meant the need for careful consideration of construction rates.

Janine Tait Group
Janine Tait Group

About the project

Fosters led the development of a revised concept with inputs from JT Group, First Principles Architects and BCD Group. The outcome of this was a smart, aesthetically pleasing design – meeting the client’s operational requirements which could also be constructed within budget.

Following the ECI process, construction delivery was fairly smooth with the team managing the challenges of substantial roadworks on Cameron Road (the main arterial route) and working within the constraints of a small site with limited parking and 7-8 different trades working on the project at a time.

Accurate procurement and strong planning meant most of the financial risk was mitigated within the first few months onsite.

Throughout the build process, the client was kept up to date on progress and was regularly involved in site visits to ensure they were getting exactly what they wanted - this was achieved without compromising the overall aesthetic or budget.

With clarity of the client’s vision, excellent communication and stakeholder management, the detail-focused construction team delivered an extremely successful project ahead of programme and under budget.

A great example of preconstruction and construction teams working together, the result was accurate, efficient and effective execution. The project was delivered five weeks ahead of programme and under budget.

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Client testimonial

After 31 years in Greerton, Bestow Beauty (Janine Tait Group) have relocated to a new purpose-built office and warehouse in Eleventh Avenue, Tauranga.  For Group Director and business owner Janine Tait, it’s her vision come to life.

“My main objective was to create a place that was beautiful to work in” says Janine. “Our staff spend so much time here, we wanted to make it a pleasure to come to work. I’d had a long time to think about this and knew exactly what I wanted.”

Being a beauty company run by a Skin Health Coach, the philosophy behind Bestow Beauty is beauty from within, and that begins with food. Janine wanted the new space to be like a high-end home, with the kitchen as the focus.

This was also the first build project that Janine and husband Kevin has been involved in.

“We weren’t familiar with the process. And being a commercial build, it was daunting” she admitted.

Janine Tait Group
Janine Tait Group

They came across Fosters once the floorplan had been created. The architect design was going to be too expensive to build; the situation exacerbated by post-covid supply issues and price escalations on building materials.

From the outset, working with Fosters was “a real pleasure,” said Janine.

“Fosters advised that the plans could be value-engineered and gave us a different architect to work with. We instantly loved the new concept; it was both beautiful and practical.

“We had preconceived ideas based on other people’s experiences, expecting the build process to be stressful. However, working with Fosters was completely stress-free.

“They are exceptional at communication and project management. We were completely up-to-date with what was happening. When there were delays, although there weren’t many, we knew why.

“I absolutely loved the build process and would do it all over again!”

Janine Tait Group
Janine Tait Group

“Working with Fosters was completely stress-free. They are exceptional at communication and project management.”

Janine Tait, Director Janine Tait Group

Janine Tait Group
Janine Tait Group

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