The new Camex Civil office at Hautapu was a design and build project incorporating a 750sqm warehouse, 980sqm of office space across two levels, a gym and an outdoor area.

The objective was to create a modern, functional workplace where employees would thrive, feel connected to the business, and inspired to embrace a culture of innovation.

Camex by Fosters
Camex by Fosters

About the project

Architecturally designed, special build features included polished concrete floors, a gym and a large frontal canopy, which was adorned with architectural aluminium punch panel screens tailor-made by Fosters engineering team. Other materials included precast slabs, aluminium joinery and colour steel cladding.

With the building managed by Fosters and site works and pavements forged by Camex (who were already operational from the site), collaboration and good communication was key to successful delivery.

This project was delivered on time and on budget.

Completion date






Client testimonial

Camex Civil Managing Director Jon Brewer said that Fosters was chosen for the project due to their reputation in commercial construction, as well as their extensive expertise in understanding client needs, their innovative approach to design and construction, and because they offered a cost-effective solution.

“Our decision (to go with Fosters) was further solidified by a very tight timeframe” adds Jon. “Our existing lease was expiring, necessitating swift and efficient completion of the project. Fosters’ proven track record of delivering high quality work to stringent deadlines made them the clear choice.”

The project posed several specific requirements, including construction of an architecturally designed building, working within the parameters of an already in-use yard with heavy traffic.

“Fosters adeptly accommodated these and other challenges, such as the cost of certain design elements,” said Jon. “Leveraging the full Fosters offering, they were able to deliver a great and cost-effective outcome, including some of the finer finishing details.”

The bespoke architectural aluminium punch panel screens to the front of the building were made in house by Fosters’ engineering team.

Camex by Fosters
Camex by Fosters

Jon notes that Fosters greatest strengths lie in their meticulous attention to detail, their relationship-based approach, and their commitment to exceeding client expectations.

“Their precise execution ensures every aspect is carefully managed, while strong client relationships foster collaboration,” said Jon. “In our experience, Fosters consistently strive to go above and beyond, adapting swiftly to ensure projects are delivered on time, showcasing their capability to handle complex projects with excellence.

“They exceeded our expectations in several aspects: project management was exemplary, with clear communication and proactive problem-solving throughout.

Camex by Fosters
Camex by Fosters

“The quality of the finish surpassed our expectations, showcasing their commitment to excellence in every detail.

“And, they not only met the timeframe set for the project, but they also exceeded it, demonstrating their efficiency and dedication to delivering results promptly.

“Without hesitation, we wholeheartedly recommend Fosters, primarily for their exceptional team who demonstrate professionalism, expertise, and unwavering dedication to delivering a successful project.

“Working with Fosters is a truly rewarding experience; we have complete confidence in their abilities and would gladly collaborate with them again in the future.”

Camex by Fosters
Camex by Fosters

“Working with Fosters is a truly rewarding experience; we have complete confidence in their abilities and would gladly collaborate with them again in the future.”

Jon Brewer, Managing Director Camex Civil

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