Consolidating two Hamilton sites into one, Altus contracted Fosters to deliver their two-stage build. Stage one was a new aluminium extrusion plant.

Building on an operational site, Fosters Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) process did much to de-risk the project for all stakeholders.

During construction, the project scope evolved significantly with several adjustments to plant layout, foundations, floor slab and layout changes. Fosters took this in their stride, whilst Altus operations continued for the entirety of the construction timeframe.

Through covid lockdowns, Fosters gave it their all to ‘make it happen’. Accelerating the project, using different constructive methods and alternative materials, the project was delivered on time and on budget. And with critical areas within 2-4mm alignment, the finish was exceptional.

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About the project

Industrial aluminium and window system manufacturer Altus have consolidated their two Hamilton sites into one, recently moving into a new aluminium extrusion plant on Maui Street.

Stage one of this two-stage project involved demolishing an existing building and replacing it with the new plant whilst the site was still operational.

Altus asked Fosters to tender for the project based on Altus National Operations and Supply Chain Manager Mark Kennedy’s recommendation – he had worked with Fosters before.

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Client testimonial

“We underwent Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) with four companies, Fosters proved to be the most professional and proactive” says Altus Project Manager Richard Bott. “We had highly specific requirements; Fosters asked questions we didn’t think of and made thoughtful suggestions around building smarter. We were impressed.”

Altus Project Engineer Darren Marshall says that going into the project, sustainability wasn’t a key consideration. However, Fosters demolished 4,000sqm of building and managed a 96% recovery. “We were blown away by that and really pleased with the result” he says.

Timeline critical, the project had to be finished by September 2022. The pandemic created many unexpected challenges.

“To achieve what Fosters did, within budget and timeframe was exceptional” says Mark. “Fosters exceeded even my expectations. They kept operations running through lockdowns, managed material delays and significant design changes.”

During construction, Altus purchased a different press which meant adjustments to plant layout, foundations, and floor slabs. With very tight tolerances for set-out, the team also had to achieve alignment within 2-4mm in the critical areas.

“Fosters took all of this in their stride” continues Mark. “They had a good understanding of what we wanted to achieve, and they never lost sight of the end game.

“There were plenty of opportunities for delay and extra cost, but Fosters were always solutions-focused and committed to the drop-dead date.

“We’re amazed at the finish, timing and quality of this build and we’re pleased to have commenced our next project already, working with much of the same team.”

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“To achieve what Fosters did, within budget and timeframe was exceptional”

Mark Kennedy – Altus National Operations and Supply Chain Manager

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