The Fosters Team

Everyone who is directly employed by Fosters is the core part of the Fosters community. As an employer, we have statutory obligations, but we want to go further than this to ensure our Fosters community of employees is fully engaged, healthy and working with purpose. This applies to all employees in every business unit, and at all levels. One of Fosters strategic outcomes is to be a Destination Employer – where people want to be a part of the community created, and they will actively seek employment with Fosters to be a part of this community.

Communities supported by our employees

Every employee we have operates in their own community. This community will include their family and friends, schools their children attend, sports groups, churches and other special interest clubs. We understand that our role as an employer impacts this direct community, and by supporting this, we are able to empower our employees to contribute to the direct community they are a part of. We believe in supporting their community through the proceeds generated from Fosters, this gives employees a sense of purpose in their work. Over the past few years, all direct employees have be given $500 to contribute to their direct community.

The wider community

We recognise that Fosters is a part of the wider Community, and through a healthy community, we will be able to operate a sustainable business. We look for opportunities to contribute to our community through the sponsorship process. Our focus at this level is on values $10,000 per annum and above where we look to invest in ways that bring about change in our community. Relationships are key to doing this, and all of our sponsorship is focused around relationships that benefit not just from the money given, but the networks that can add value to the relationship. We look to influence our community for good.

The Foster Sponsorships