The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Hamilton City project started on site in August 2020, with our Fosters team working together to ensure that all materials were secured to avoid any delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Because The Salvation Army was still working and operational to the community, this project was done in phases with staff continuing to work on-site. Phase 1 brought challenges when Asbestos was discovered in the Hall, however, our team managed to work through these issues and finish it promptly.

Work on the site involved demolition and full refurbishment, with staff now having new offices with modern colours and new furniture. The Salvation Army Hamilton City has transitioned from a fairly basic atrium and reception to a large, welcoming space with an atrium, reception, and coffee nook where members of the public can walk in and enjoy.


“They have great people. Our kind of people; easy to talk with, socially intelligent, great communicators, accessible and responsive.”

The Salvation Army Hamilton City building has had a major facelift, fulfilling their objective to create a warm and welcoming environment. Last renovated 10 years ago, the project was a joint effort between Foster Construction, Sekta Architects and Cooper Interiors.

Work by Foster Construction has transformed the front of house into a large hospitality space, two separate entrances now one big sliding door. A newly configured office area means the team are more easily accessible to visitors. Upstairs, two cavernous rooms initially earmarked as auditoriums have been completed, along with a new stairwell and toilet block. Finally, the food bank was revamped into a social supermarket environment.

“The result is exactly what we hoped for” says Salvation Army Ordained Minister & Local Charity Director Jenny Collings. “We are absolutely delighted. Our front of house is now a truly interactive, hospitable space. Upstairs we have two large, multi-purpose areas which are also ideal for children.

“Working with Fosters was the best decision” she continues. “They have great people. Our kind of people; easy to talk with, socially intelligent, great communicators, accessible and responsive. They put technical stuff into plain language for us non-technical people. And they were so adaptable to our changing requirements.

“We started with high expectations in terms of the result we wanted. Throughout the project, Fosters maintained our confidence in meeting our standards of excellence.”
Jenny notes they did have some doubts as to how they’d be able to work with the renovations going on.

“Fosters exceeded our expectations in how amenable they were to our needs, creating temporary structures for us to work in and building great relationships with our staff,” she says.

“This is a team with the technical knowledge and skills to make creative solutions as things happen along the way. They absolutely know what they are doing, and I would work with them again in a heartbeat.”

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