Waikato District Health Board (WDHB) OneLink

When Waikato District Health Board (WDHB) needed a new logistics facility off campus, Foster Develop was able to pull together a deal in partnership with the Gallagher Trusts. Foster Develop prepared the project feasibility, negotiated the commercial terms and drafted the lease with the WDHB. The project converted previously unused land on the Gallagher block into an income producing asset that supports improvements to logistics for the WDHB. Foster Construction went on to complete the project as a design and build, taking all the project risk from the Gallagher Trusts to provide a risk free outcome from the project.

The end result is a state of the art facility, that has become an off-campus hub for co-ordinating WDHB activities.  The project has brought the WDHB efficiencies, and freed up land on campus for further more focused clinical services.


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