Health & safety

Protection of our people, our environment and assets is central to our business and a key to our success. It is Fosters policy that each of our employees shall be provided with a safe and healthy place to work. We will make every reasonably practicable effort in the area of injury and incident prevention, hazard identification and control, workplace training, health monitoring and will conduct our operations with minimal impact on the environment. Our mission is to build superior HSE systems and relationships which will engage all employees, along with the community and other stakeholders to maintain a proactive HSE culture within the Foster Group of companies.

Fosters first priority is our people, we support work safe practices as part of our culture – not because we have to but because we actually want to. We align our business with organisations and other businesses that look at the overall wellbeing of the greater community.

Health, safety and the environment plans are produced and implemented for each of our projects, and the Fosters Health, Safety and Environment Policy is aimed at building a sustainable future for everyone.

Our Health and Safety Policy


Fosters is Toitū Carbon Zero and Diamond Enviromark certified. These are the two most stringent sustainability certifications available and require regular monitoring and audit of our activities. This means you can be confident that our work from construction to maintenance is executed with the highest regard for the environment, and that we have measured and taken responsibility for all remaining impacts. To illustrate, the Fosters team has already saved 1,000’s of tonnes of construction waste from landfill and we have further committed to reducing 75% of our waste emissions by 2025. We are working across our company and with suppliers to reduce 65% of total emissions by 2030 compared to our 2019/2020 base year.

Toitū Certifications

Sustainable Building – Green Star Certified

The Fosters team has the expertise to ensure our Green builds are adaptable and durable, meeting the requirements of future generations and gaining 4+ Green Star certifications.

We believe in delivering assets that are affordable and represent value for money over the long-term, as well as being futureproofed for a changing climate and a low carbon economy.

According to MBIE, NZ’s building stock needs to be Carbon Zero by 2050. This means our current builds need to use sustainable practices to avoid costly refurbishments as legislation tightens.

Clients benefit as sustainable buildings are more economic to run over their lifetime. During construction, and in operation they reduce waste & emissions, and are much more efficient in their use of resources such as energy, water and materials.

Green Star certified buildings are also healthier and more comfortable, supporting greater productivity with improved levels of personal control, natural light, and cleaner air.

Sustainability has been a Foster’s focus for over a decade. In 2009 Fosters were the winners of the “Emerging Large and Corporate Business Award” for the Regional Sustainable Business Network Awards.

The judges noted “Outstanding performance in this difficult industry in actively working to incorporate sustainability as a normal process. Fosters have shown a high level of commitment to staff and building relationships.”

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