Genesis Energy Offices

Genesis Energy were looking for a premises to consolidate staff into from different offices around the Waikato. Foster Develop proposed a scheme that converted the old Foodtown supermarket on the corner of Bryce & Tristram St’s into an a-grade office space. This involved the creative use of space and existing structures, and involved dealing with a number of complex property issues with leasehold land, existing leases and subdivisions. Fosters worked with DV Bryant Trust as the development partner, providing a yield underwrite, and sharing the development surplus above this underwrite. Foster Develop negotiated the leases with Genesis Energy, Civil Defence and Urge Café, and worked with them to provide integrated fitout solutions through Foster Construction. The project had a number of significant changes during the design and construction, with the most significant being the upgrade of the new office structure to Importance Level 4. The finished product is a 7,000m2 office building with large floor plates, undercover parking and a number of green design features. The building has transformed the way Genesis Energy operates, delivering a number of efficiencies and greater collaboration between staff.


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