Foster Construction recognises the importance of working with the client to achieve the desired outcome. The number of repeat projects completed for clients is testament to the relationship developed during the construction project.


If you are looking for a property option in Hamilton or the Waikato, our development team can talk you through the options available. Foster Develop offers a range of property options including;

  • Design, build and lease
  • Design, build and sell to you (low risk ownership)
  • Shared ownership design, build and lease.

Our team has expertise in Office, Retail, Commercial and Industrial property solutions. Email Tony McLauchlan or call 021 278 5208 to discuss your property options.

Design & Build

If you have an idea or a need for a commercial property, Foster Construction can take you from the initial feasibility stage, making sure the construction project is going to stack up for you, through to project completion.

Foster Construction can arrange the working drawings, necessary permits and link you up with other consultants to ensure your project will become a reality within your budget and on time.

If you would like to talk to us about your project please contact us now or complete our Project Enquiry Form which will enable us to get back to you with some answers to your initial questions. Email Tim Strawbridge or call 021 633 720 for more information.

Tender Market Projects

Our continual involvement and success in the tender market emphasises the fact that Foster Construction is highly competitive on a cost basis, as well as delivering the best quality. Foster Construction has developed relationships with key architects and engineers in the Waikato to ensure a smooth flow of information.

While much of Foster Construction's work is on a negotiation basis, tenders are often completed for government and corporate client projects. Email Ross Pacey or call 027 489 4353.

Management & Maintenance

Foster Maintain provides a property solution for new and existing buildings, with a focus on proactive planning. Whether it is ensuring new building warranties and guarantees remain valid, or addressing historical issues on an existing building, Foster Maintain can help you work through the solutions.

Visit Foster Maintain for more information. Email Peter Calder or call 027 496 6161.